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The e-Miles Company was born from the need to find new forms and concepts of more sustainable and environmentally responsible mobility.


90% of pieces are 3D-printer-made
Completely Electric and respectful with the Environment

Some Data

Screen inches
cm growth
km/h max speed


Its folding front door allows direct access for a wheelchair.
It is driven with a joystick located between the 2 front seats, which allows the car to be used by everyone in every country without making any modifications.
It allows to expand its length by 37cm to accommodate 4 people comfortably.


Its 2.5 meters length allows you to park perpendicular.
Its 23-inch screen shows all the relevant information for driving.
It has cameras instead of mirrors showing the image on the screen.

The car of the future is designed in Valladolid. This car can be considered the car of the future, a innovative, inclusive and sustainable solution. More information

Presentation of e-Miles Valladolid in the news of Castilla y León. We can see the presentation from minute 5. More information

The e-Miles Company joins DFactory with its revolutionary electric vehicle prototype. It will be exhibited at DFactory, an initiative led by the Barcelona Free Zone Consortium and Leitat, and which is scheduled to open this coming autumn. More information

Valladolid launches the The e-Miles Company electric vehicle. Made almost entirely in 3D, it measures 2.5 meters in length, although it can be lengthened 37 centimeters to become a four-seater. More information

A "revolutionary" electric vehicle. The e-Miles Company presents an urban concept-car manufactured almost entirely in 3D and with 2.5 meters in length, although it can be lengthened 37 centimeters to become a four-seater. More information

The e-Miles Company presents an electric quadricycle made in 3D. Access to the vehicle is only from the front, through a wide front door that folds completely vertically. More information

Valladolid receives the electric vehicle of The e-Miles Company. Made almost entirely in 3D printing, it measures 2.5 meters in length, although it can be lengthened 37 centimeters to become a four-seater. More information

The e-Miles, an electric car made with 3D printers. It measures 2.5 meters in length, although it can be lengthened and go from two to 2 + 2 seats, and it does not have a steering wheel or pedals: it is operated with an airplane-type joystick. More info...

The e-Miles, the amazing 3D printed car that is presented at the Automobile Barcelona. It is a two-seater, with a 2 + 2 configuration, but it can increase its interior space thanks to an innovative system that lengthens the chassis. More info...

TVE report. Alicia Fariñas (Managing Director of Malena Engineering) and Pedro Marqués (Director of Operations of Malena Engineering) present the e-Miles electric vehicle on TVE. Welcome to the mobility of the future. The report can be seen from minute 10:16. More information

On May 31, the Business Night was held in Valladolid, where the CEOE Valladolid 2021 Awards were presented, as well as the CEOE Castilla y León 2021 award. Alicia Fariñas, General Director of Malena Engineering, was in charge of collecting the Award. More information

e-Miles report in Castilla y León Directo. You can see the complete interview with Pedro Marqués (Operations Director from Malena Engineering) from minute 56:46. More information

The e-Miles: this is the electric car printed in 3D. It can have a two-seater or 2 + 2 configuration, using a sophisticated system. More info...

The e-Miles: the revolutionary electric car that is extended and manufactured with 3D printing. The Automobile de Barcelona will house The e-Miles, the new electric car that is manufactured with 3D printing. We tell you everything about this revolutionary car. More info...

This is the extendable electric vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals. It is called The e-Miles, it is operated with a joystick and it is made with 3D printing. More info...

The e-Miles, the electric vehicle with 90% of its parts printed in 3D. The e-Miles Company presents at the International Motor Show, organized by Fira de Barcelona, ​​a revolutionary electric-powered heavy quadricycle that represents a new concept for urban mobility. More info... takes us on a tour of the Automobile Barcelona 2021 fair. Watch video

Guillem Serna presents us in this video a complete review of all the novelties of the brands present at the Automobile Barcelona 2021 fair. Watch video

TV3 visits the facilities of The e-Miles Company in Abrera (Barcelona) to learn about the new e-Miles electric vehicle. More info...

The extendable electric car that can be driven with a joystick from the age of 16. The e-Miles Company quadricycle is 2.5 meters length, although it can be expanded 37 centimeters thanks to its automatic chassis extension system to become a 4-seater. More info...

e-Miles, the electric car that grows and shrinks and handles like a video game. The prototype presented in Barcelona launches a new concept of sustainable and inclusive urban mobility. More info

The electric quadricycle born in Barcelona that wants to revolutionize cities. The E-Miles Company, a young company based in the Barcelona town of Abrera, has just presented an original electric quadricycle that breaks with almost everything established. More info...

The e-Miles: The electric quadricycle capable of growing by itself The e-Miles Company has presented in Barcelona this curious urban vehicle for large cities that is capable of extending an extra 37 cm when more space is needed. More info...

Do you want to know the ‘license-free’ car of the future? This is the proposal of The e-Miles Company? It is electric, has an extendable body, uses a joystick instead of a steering wheel, and the interior is accessed through a front door. More info...


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